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M/NEMS and Nanotechnology is an emerging area in
science and technology. Currently, strong arguments to
invest in nanoscale and microsystems research are
globally omnipresent. Obviously, micro-
nanotechnology is expected to have profound
influences in the 21st century.

The MIcro-nano Devices And Systems (MIDAS) Lab
in the Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering (ECE) at the University of Missouri
was established in Sep 2005. Since then, our research group has been actively performing various interdisciplinary research projects on advanced micro-nano devices and systems.


Missouri Honor Junior Faculty Research Award, Mar. 2010
CAREER Award, NSF, Jan. 2009
Outstanding Paper Award, IEEE, Jun. 2009
Best New Application Paper Award, IEEE, Sep. 2006
    •   MEMS Sensors & Actuators
    •   Micro-nanofluidic Devices and Systems 
    •   BioMEMS Devices and Systems
    •   Micro Power Harvesters/Generators 
    •   NuclearMEMS Devices and Systems
    •   Nanotechnology 

* R.A. Position Available !

The MIDAS laboratory has been supported by National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation (NSF), Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Los Alamos National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Department of Energy (DOE), Leonard Wood Institute, Army Research Lab, US Army, Raytheon, Qynergy, MU Research Reactor (MURR) and UM Research Board.